Fluffy the Snow Dog

My dog, Violet LOVES the snow! She loves to run in it, she loves to barry her nose in it. I call her "Fluffy the Snow Dog" for some reason. LOL!!

Her other favorite activity, eating the cat, is even MORE fun for her in the snow!!

Our last house had a fenced back yard, so she was ALWAYS running and playing in the snow. Now, unfortunately, she's limited to when we have the time to go out and play with her. Poor Violet.
I'm hoping that by next year, we will have a big run for her so that she can play outside all the time again.


Girls and Dogs

Here are some photos I took yesterday. Just starting reading this great photography magazine. It's called Popular Photography. Very very helpful and amazing!! There are some beautiful photos in this magazine.
Violet Dog eating
LOVE the tongue!

Oh my god, we're in so much trouble.

Super weirdo

She tricked me.... I thought we were taking a nice pic. ;)


Getting better

Apparently photography is not like riding a bike. I remember the f-stops and shutter speeds and all of that, but not how to use them properly. I'm relearning everything. Here are some photos that I took last night. These are only a small sample of what I took. I'm trigger happy, so to speak with my new camera. :)


First steps

Here's a look at some of my first photos with my new camera, the bad-ass Canon EOS Rebel.

My husband Dave:Our daughters, Angel and Alexis:Violet-dog:
My brother James:

These are just the preliminary photos. I am working on figuring out the best aperatures, lighting, and so on for different situations.

More to come.